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Our Company.

About Us

AUPA HOGAR S.L. has its facilities located in a vital area in the textile sector in the Valencian Community.

AUPA HOGAR S.L from its beginnings in February 1994, is a manufacturer of home textiles, mainly focuses on the design, cut, manufacture and marketing of the following textile products: mattress covers, mattress protectors, pillow covers, pillow protectors.

Our Goal

100% Comfortable
100% Security
100% Protection

To accomplish this end, the company has an extensive line of work that ranges from receiving and order analysis, to design, integrated product manufacturing, clothing and the finished product.

At present the objective of AUPA HOGAR SL, is customer satisfaction, maintaining and increasing market share, which is why its customer base is made up of some of the larger national and international firms in the textile sector.

AUPA HOGAR S.L. by the experience gained in the sector for several years and the training and experience of its technicians, achieves a high level of technology in all phases of production.

Material Resources and Facilities R & D

AUPA HOGAR S.L. is a company that is at the forefront of manufacturers of home textiles, partly due to its complete modern technology park, to have a complete production line including design, cutting and sewing of fabrics for clothing bed, table and kitchen.

Another reason that led them to be at the forefront of textile enterprises, is performing numerous investigations, many innovative in the textile sector. In addition the company is continuously developing R & D projects in fields other than home textile industry. Many of these investigations are conducted in the laboratory owned by the company, the head of which are R & D technicians highly skilled with many years of experience in the textile sector.

The research lab at AUPA HOGAR S.L., is comparable to any competitor. Among the equipment we highlight the following devices: FABRIC QUADRANT to obtain weight per square meter of tissues, a PRECISION BALANCE, a TORSIOMETER calculating the twisting and twisting for a thread, a DYNAMOMETER to calculate the strength and elongation of a tensile wire, another FABRIC DYNAMOMETER to calculate the strength and elongation of fabric tensile.

To keep a competitive position in the market and ensure the future AUPA HOGAR has had to integrate R & D in-house, this has meant that the company is a leader in its sector, despite the severe crisis and difficulties faced by the company in recent years.

The aim of the company is to satisfy its customers and suppliers, with which it has a long working relationship, for this the company has a wide range of latest technology machines for testing design, tailoring, which allows you to carry out new developments in R & D.

Among the material means we can highlight the CAD-CAM software designed with the latest technology, with which you can perform multiple combinations, plus a textile cutting machine, and a host of machines for clothing.

It also has an R & D department in front of which are technical textiles experts advising the company in its investigations. This department is responsible for improving processes and service delivery. This R & D has a small laboratory that conducted the first tests of each of the investigations carried out.

For more substantial technological research, AUPA HOGAR S.L. is supported by the laboratories and facilities from the Textile Technological Institute (AITEX), which has equipment and a team that make it a focal point in investigations and trials of all kinds.

As we have said the company has extensive experience in conducting R & D projects, many of these are done in collaboration with the Textile Technological Institute (AITEX).

Commercial Organization

AUPA HOGAR S.L. gives much importance to marketing and sales network in order to show everyone its made ​​products and the quality and innovation that is able to offer.

Its good sales network has had a rapid market penetration and a very satisfactory business results in a short period of time.

The organizational structure of the company is:

A general direction performed ​​by the Company corporate.

An administration department in charge of documenting the sale and purchase transactions generated in the company.

A design and production department, which is responsible for developing home textile, mainly: tablecloths, cushion and pillows, etc..

A commercial department that addresses the national and international markets and is responsible for the entire sales cycle, from recruitment to post-sales service.

All departments are united and in perfect sync, which aims to end the marketing of the articles of the company, if any of them failed its marketing at the highest level won’t be possible.

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